To sum it up 2018

Hello everyone!

I just logged in and I can’t believe it’s been three months since I last blogged. Time can really fly during the off season.

I thought I’d kick off the new year with a recap of 2018. What an amazing year it has been. Taking risks, trying new things and learning and becoming a part of a new community and organization has changed my whole outlook on my career and purpose.

In fact, it has been almost exactly a year since I made the decision to join the Philadelphia Fusion as the team Chef and move to Burbank, CA. You can read all about that in detail in one of my earlier blogs titled Amuse Bouche.

Since that time I have created some fun exciting food for the team, built new relationships within the organization and learned more about esports on the whole. The biggest event of my year was the experience in New York. I never thought I’d travel there, let alone be standing in an arena surrounded by some of the most welcoming people in the world. It was thrilling!

It was humbling to see tweets like this where someone snuck a photo of me chilling Waiting for the match to start! It was also pretty amazing to meet the fans, have brunch and other random encounters in the “big apple”. Check out this rad collage someone made! Tweets like this really make my day.

Collage tweeted by @eatmyhands

I love seeing the experiences everyone in the community is having and I am incredibly blessed to be a part of it!

After Overwatch Season 1 came to a close, I wasn’t sure what to do next! I was invited back for Season 2 and the thought of rejoining the restaurant or corporate world didn’t align with my heart so I kept with the spirit of just doing whatever was right in front of me!

I cooked for a few different retreats, did a little meal prep for some friends, and I set out to make some new friends going to beach parties, game nights, club events and even took a trip to Las Vegas for a week. I also made a cake or two.

And then there was BlizzCon! Finally I could reconnect with my esports family. I was so lucky to tweet and meet Adam Wozniak with Blizzard Entertainment. He helped me purchase my ticket to attend BlizzCon and even invited me to tour the Blizzard entertainment complex where all of the magic happens.

Here we are!

Words to live by

Usually not a frappe girl, but I couldn’t resist this masterpiece

Meeting Adam and touring with him was refreshing. He is so informative about the ins and outs and all together an exciting and amazing guy. I love how passionate and knowledgeable he is about what he does and it really shines through.

I was able to tour the library, learn about the archiving of books, games, props and art. I toured some of the offices, health and wellness area, the main headquarters where they monitor all gameplay activity, and of course the cafe where I had a special treat.

Being away from OWL for a few months put me in a state of limbo, however this tour combined with Adam’s enthusiasm gave me just the energy charge for BlizzCon that I needed.

Cosplay fun
Chef Moira comes to life

Food truck food!
Just look at that hot dogger

One of the first new people I met @clonejet from Minnesota

Reunited from New York!

There was so much to see, do and eat! I did spend a lot of my time in the Overwatch arena cheering on Fusion players individually in the World Cup finals, which definitely was the highlight of my experience!

@squashmoen stealing the show

Let’s go @carpe_ow
Congrats team South Korea on the gold

My favorite snack during the World Cup Games

I took away so many fond memories from this experience and I’m forever grateful for this community…..

Back to business with the Fusion as we gear up for Overwatch Season 2!

Keep checking into see recipes from the Fusion House. Feel free to comment and ask for anything

in particular you would like to see!

~Chef Heidi

Chef collage…. Overall Overwatch has made me way more fun!

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