Heidi L. Marsh
Corporate Executive Chef | Mentor | Food Enthusiast | Yogi

Heidi is driven by her passion for creating simple yet distinctive dishes. She spends her free time browsing culinary books and magazines, and exploring the world through the history and complexity of ingredients and recipes. Heidi believes that food can start a great conversation, bring people together, satisfy the senses, and inspire many to try new things. She is inspired by a combination of research, passion, experience, meditation, and emotion to food.

Heidi started her food journey as a line cook in college, as she studied in history, communications, mathematics, and science. She began in cafeteria settings, then bar & grills, night clubs, home health and nutrition, then began cooking within the fine dining setting. She mastered pastries, bread, and baking philosophy. She began working in a small French-American, farm-to-table bistro. This position gave her a sense of belonging in the culinary world. She found collaboration, creative freedom, causal interaction with guests, and days filled with many “ah-ha” moments as ideas, both savory and sweet, came to fruition.

Heidi continued on to work as an Executive Chef in many upscale-casual concepts. She helped to build and create an event expansion at the Aster Cafe, known as “the best place for a first date”. Here, she was able to explore global inspired dishes with the Minneapolis Film Society. Her next adventure was creating High Tea Services of multiple varieties with owners Liz and Tim Koch at the Mad Hatter Restaurant and Tea Room. This position gave her a closer look at the “daintiness” and presentation aspect of fine dining. Her most recent project involved the creation and opening of the Hi-Lo Diner. This project was particularly special, as it was full of history. Being a fully restored diner car that was positioned in Minneapolis and came from Pennsylvania, this diner had flare from the beginning. Heidi created an approachable menu that would prove to be both interesting and profitable. She constructed the menu staple- the Hi-Top, which consisted of a “pillow of fried dough, a sort of not-quite-as-sweet doughnut, topped with anything from sweet apples and sea salt caramel to fried chicken and gravy”, as stated by the Pioneer Press. Heidi also had the pleasure of collaborating with the owners of the Blue Door Pubs to completely revamp their decade-old menus in order to create a new stage, which included fresh salad ideas and inviting new appetizers.

She enjoys volunteering her services and getting involved with non-profit associations such as the Salvation Army, Girl Scouts of America, America Reads/Counts, and any association that provides growth and relief in the community.

Heidi is now headed to San Diego, where she will be continuing her culinary adventure in new and exciting areas. She plans to work towards aligning her career goals with her desired lifestyle, which is passionate about healthy living and sustainable food sourcing.